The Kensington Experience

Be Pampered Our customers are always treated with courtesy, respect, and a smile. We offer a nice atmosphere without the snoozation of a spa because we believe looking beautiful should be fun!

Our popular Crown Jewel Membership includes a soft and warm Kensington robe to wear during your preparation, your choice of flip-flops, and a Kensington Tote to keep them in. These are luxuries we beleive every member should have, so there is no charge. See our store for the many other perks of a Kensington membership.

Be Prepared The staff of Kensington has only the life and quality of your tan in mind while making recommendations to you. In fact, our most recommended service is absolutely free. We offer shower facilities and complimentary exfoliant (our customers tell us it's incredible) to ensure you receive the most amazing tan available in the universe. Why shower? Click here.


Be Relaxed Once prepared for your tan, you can take a moment to relax in the Queen's Court while our our staff makes ready your spray tanning experience. While in this room, imagine filling it with your friends for one of our popular Spray Tanning Parties.

Be Treated Now it is time to receive your customized tanning experience. Some prefer the VersaSpa Skin Care System, which provides the privacy and ease of an automated booth. Others prefer the quality and customization of The Kensington, our airbrushing service by certified technician.

We will educate you, answer all of your questions, and assist you in selecting an option that best suits your desires and comfort.

Kensington Sunless Tanning does not have UV Tanning Beds on our premises. We provide only healthy tanning services, which not only refrain from causing your skin damage, but actually provide moisturization and anti-aging properties.

Our VersaSpa Booths provide the option of a post-sunless super hydrating treatment, which hydrates the skin and smooths fine lines. But we warn you, once you use it, you won't want to go without it ever again.


Be Comfy We recommend that you wear dark, loose fitting clothing. This will help ensure your new sunless tan is protected while the DHA in the solution works its magic. The cosmetic bronzer on your skin right after application will wash off, leaving behind a beautiful bronze glow.

There are many misconceptions about spray tanning. Many of them were born from bad services, products, or misinformation. At Kensington Sunless Tanning, we know it can be complicated to sort the good information from the bad - that's why we cover absoultely everything with you. Most problems, and horror stories associated with sunless tanning come from a lack of education and proper after care. We ensure that each of our clients leave our store looking amazing, and more importantly, that they will still look amazing tomorrow. That's the Kensington difference.

Be Stunning If you tan nude, be sure to wear a tanning sticker. If you are wearing something, check for those beautiful tan lines. Kensington tans look so natural, you may need to see the difference to believe it!